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We provide many services including:

  • Broadband Support including WIFI
  • Computer/Laptop Repairs & Sales
  • Data Recovery & Backup Solutions
  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Screen Repairs
  • Onsite calls up-to 9pm

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Computer Upgrades

Unsure whether your computer can handle the latest technology? Want to use a Blue-ray re-writer, create your own DVD’s or just be able to use it with a digital camera? Many people go out and buy a new computer, but why pay out for that when you may be able to turn your current PC into a faster, more modern computer? If this is not suitable for your current PC, we can offer great deals on building you a new computer. Whatever your needs, we are happy to talk you through the options and give clear, impartial advice. We make sure you get what is right for you.

Maintenance and Repair

Old e-mail accounts, Windows crashes, system errors, slow programmes, sulking printers or scanners …Sound familiar?
Over time unused files and accounts can begin to clog up your hard drive, installing and uninstalling software will leave you with a fragmented hard drive, the Windows Registry can become corrupted and dust can build up inside your computer or laptop fans. Any or all of these can cause your computer to slow down and possibly overheat. To keep your system in tip top shape, every computer needs a regular MOT check and maintenance.
We can improve the speed and performance of your home or office computers and even resolve those annoying error messages and glitches. We’ll also advise you on any upgrades that will further improve your system’s speed and performance.


Support when you need it. Computers can be quite inconvenient, technology can break down at the most inconvenient time and can be frustrating when you can’t get support till the next day, or have take a day off work to get it fixed.

Riverview IT knows that peoples time is precious we will fit around your day up till 9pm.